Give Others Clarity

I don't think I've ever discussed Fondly and Affectionately with you.

To allow for some context behind my feed, blog and website, why don't I explain that from the advent of social media, I understood the importance of the perceived online persona. 

For many years I worked diligently to produce personal, aesthetically pleasing visual content in the form of collaborations and photography work with tremendous photographers to share via social. This eventually gave me the establishment, credibility and respect I sought in the arts and design. 

My time at Minted taught me the importance of having a goal and turning your passion into profit if you tried and it was about 5 years ago that I half hazardly named the ever evolving form of my online presence, Fondly and Affectionately. Initially this started off as a dreamlike lifestyle blog dedicated to high end fashion and lowbrow motorcycle culture. Because the blog was fairly popular and I was well respected and complimented for my curation I eventually decided that the name itself, conceptually, represented that which is my life. 

Fondly and Affectionately, while it is always evolving, has for me now become the title, to my existence. It represents my physical being as I sit before you now along with the love and remembrance of family and friends passed. It represents the curated and well thought out imagery you see in my instagram feed, the dreamlike imagery on the blog as well as the writing and sub brands like hot rides or my work as a wedding trends writer for Minted. 

Fondly & Affectionately is not about perfection. Fondly & Affectionately is about exposing myself to vulnerability in front of an eager audience and channeling difficulties into positive, forward moving life choices. The goal is not to depict ultimate joy, perfection or purity. The goal is to share curated reality through the artists eyes as I see it. The content is not always safe or clear but each image or post is an absolute necessary part of the story whether you and I can see it now, or in the years ahead. 

Fondly & Affectionately, on any platform, depicted in any image is a piece of the puzzle that is my life. A life long performance piece which will only stop when I am dead.