Spirit Guide


You were in my dreams recently. They were crowded with thoughts, feelings and images of fresh and clear moving water, bridges spanning mixed feelings around lost love and sweet intersections that are never located in space or time, earth, metal and balloons floating with the wind and held and enfolded in the big open silent sky. 

Water is always a fortuitous sign of growth and the paradoxical truth of love and sorrow reveled by the beauty in our hearts. 

The imagery, thoughts and feelings related to my dreams reminded my of your photographs. 

Your photographs reveal your creative blessings and a way of seeing and being in the world that transcends  conscious awareness. 

Your pictures are hauntingly beautiful, provocative, playful and melancholy in a good but heartbreaking way. I have learned heart break is necessary to be open and receptive to the beauty and love that is always arriving with the next breath. 

Celisse, please keep expressing and sharing your experiences with your photographs that document, translate and transcend the universal truths regarding life and the world in which live. 

It is a blessing to be a part of your journey and a gift to witness your transformation into a beautiful woman with a love for life that is able to heal the soul wound from which we suffer.

Love forever,

Joe Day